Owen has been living a predominantly raw fruitarian lifestyle for the past 5 years, experimenting back and forth throughout this time with various vegan variations. In 2008 Owen began training to become a personal trainer and strength coach while at the same time training in mixed martial arts (MMA). By 2012 Owen was a top […]

Shakiba Moghadam is one of the coaches at Muscle Up Gym, and currently works with the younger members of the gym. Shakiba has been following a raw vegan lifestyle since the summer of 2015, where she has transited from a pescetarian to a vegan and now a raw vegan. She has been training and competing […]

Jakub ‘Kuba’ Jursza is a first year student of Applied Sport Science at Southampton Solent University. He has been training parkour & freerunning for about 10 years trying to develop his physical skills in a variety of ways. He is concentrated on comprehensive training methods that are body control-oriented. For the last few years he […]