This service is for those looking to improve all physical and psychological attributes to take their sporting performance to the next level. We can help with a wide range of sports from football, athletics to combat sports.


Calisthencis for Sport

This is probably one of the biggest issues within sports, not to mention one of the most frustrating attributes to be lacking. Even the most talented athletes in the world will never achieve their full potential without the right strength & conditioning requirements specific to their sport.

Our strength & conditioning system was created by owner of Muscle Up Gym Owen Gayle who himself is a professional MMA athlete, so he over-stands exactly what is required to reach the top from personal experience as formally being a top 10 ranked UK fighter, competing against the best In Europe.

Having a professional MMA career with up and downs due to poor conditioning, Owen has studied every avenue available. Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, Owen has trial and tested various elements from a mixture of martial art, movement, strength & conditioning styles to then fuse back together for an all rounded approach towards combat conditioning.

This system is based around using calisthenics, natural movement & sport specific drills designed to improve various aspects including conditioning, strength, power, proprioception, coordination, spatial awareness. Agility, flexibility & mobility.

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is a new concept which combines psychological theories, knowledge and skills to address the well-being of athletes and help with optimal performance. Sport psychology also considers the developmental and social aspects of sports participation and issues associated with sports settings and organizations. Sport psychology takes into account the individual as an athlete as well as team sports, whilst considering the coach and influence of parents/guardians. 

How can Sport Psychology help athletes?

A Sport Psychologist can (via Psychological skills training) help athletes overcome certain psychological problems, feelings and behaviours they may experience in competitions, training or everyday life.

Do not wait until your situation has reached its extreme form to take action and gain help!

Our sport psychology system led by Shakiba Moghadam. Shakiba has been training and competing in amateur boxing since 2013 and qualified for the ABA national finals in October 2015, where she became one of the first female amateur boxers to compete at the famous venue of York Hall, London, placing herself top 2 in the country for her weight and developmental category.

At the same time Shakiba graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a First Class degree in BSc Psychology in 2015, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology in 2016, where she has gained valuable experience in working with professional, elite and amateur athletes.

Early 2017 Shakiba unfortunately suffered reoccurring concussion during sparring sessions which led to her having to make the difficult decision of stepping away from competing due to the possibility of the injury progressing to bleeding on the brain.

Shakiba is currently a part-time Sport and Exercise Psychology lecturer and a research assistant at the University of Portsmouth.

How to get started…

The process starts with an initial consultation with Owen & Shakiba consisting of an in depth discussion to find out your goals and general information. This will then be followed by various physical and psychological assessments which have been carefully designed to gauge the client’s current level of psychical conditioning, structural balance, flexibility and mobility as well as their psychological strength and weaknesses.

We can also offer our strength & conditioning and psychology services individually for those looking to focus on just one aspect.

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