Nationality : Persian
Top 3 Fruits : Dates, Dried Mulberries, Watermelon

Shakiba Moghadam is one of the coaches at Muscle Up Gym, and currently works with the younger members of the gym. Shakiba has been following a raw vegan lifestyle since the summer of 2015, where she has transited from a pescetarian to a vegan and now a raw vegan. She has been training and competing in amateur boxing for the last 2 years and qualified for the ABA national finals in October 2015, where she became one of the first female amateur boxers to compete at the famous venue of York Hall, London, placing herself top 2 in the country for her weight and developmental category.

Shakiba graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a First Class degree in BSc Psychology in 2015, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology in 2016, where she has gained valuable experience in working with professional, elite and amateur athletes.

Shakiba is also currently a part-time Sport and Exercise Psychology lecturer and a research assistant at the University of Portsmouth.

Training Experience
First Class degree in BSc Psychology
Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Probationary Sport and Exercise Psychologist
Calisthenics UK Instructor
Training Skills
  • Boxing 100 %
  • Coaching Children 100 %
  • Conditioning 100 %
  • Sport & Exercise Psychological Workshops 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

Owen has been living a predominantly raw fruitarian lifestyle for the past 4 years, experimenting back and forth throughout this time with various vegan variations. Owen’s journey in martial arts began at just the age of 4 years old after taking up Taekwondo. Owen began competing in full contact competitions at 5 years old eventually becoming a national champion, achieved a 1st Dan black belt at 8 years old and eventually a 2nd Dan black belt at 12 years old. In 2008 Owen began training to become a personal trainer and strength coach while at the same time training in mixed martial arts (MMA). By 2012 Owen was a top 10 ranked professional MMA fighter competing at an elite European level. Owen was also training as a full time strength coach under the well-respected strength coach and athlete Tom Hibbert from Winning Health Solutions/Winning Performance as well as personally learning from some of the industries leading including Charles Poliquin, Derek Woodske, Andre Benoit to name but a few. Currently, Owen is the owner of a successful Southampton based training facility called Muscle Up Gym. A gym dedicated to calisthenics, sports conditioning and body mobility .Working from this central hub, Owen is now specialising in sports conditioning with the use of calisthenics as well as a health adviser specialising in fruit and plant based lifestyles alongside studying as a naturopath and naturopathic nutritional therapist.
Jakub 'Kuba' Jursza is currently a student of Applied Sport Science at Southampton Solent University. He has been training parkour & freerunning for about 10 years trying to develop his physical skills in a variety of ways. He is concentrated on comprehensive training methods that are body control-oriented. For the last few years he has been struggling with a few injuries. Eventually learning from mistakes he made, Kuba decided to support people in order to avoid the same mistakes he made regarding physical development. That time of his life inspired him to devote himself to help others choosing a holistic path of mental and physical growth. Kuba formally worked in a Norwegian gymnastics club for one year teaching freerunning and bodyweight training classes for kids. Alongside  Team Exeo he was also invloved in Norway's Got Tolent show (2014) and successfully proceeded to the semi-finals. During the time he spent in Norway he was taking part in many freerunning performances, running workshops and co-organising large events for the freerunning community.