Southampton's only parkour & freerunning training academy

Located within the Muscle Up Gym, Southampton, Exeo Parkour Academy is dedicated parkour/freerunning facility geared towards teaching both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Exeo Parkour Academy offers both structured and unstructured classes for kids, youths and adults.

About Exeo Parkour Academy

The main goal of Parkour is to engage into a safe and functional movement practice in order to be able to adapt to any environmental scenario, in any situation.

Its philosophy ‘be strong to be useful’ is the golden principle for many practitioners across the world whose training is geared towards longevity and safety. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, balancing, quadrupedal movement, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. However, despite of all those movement patterns that it consists of, it is truly a mental and emotional discipline where one needs to overcome obstacles that are not only physical.

Therefore, it is also about discovering one’s both physical and mental potential through working on weaknesses and managing the fear of falling. This is not done through the adrenaline rush type of training, but through deliberate and consistent practice on one’s weaknesses.

The aim of Exeo Parkour Academy is to build a community of strong, independent and creative individuals through increasing their self-confidence and developing their physical and mental potential. Our movement philosophy is to focus on fluent and graceful combinations of low-impact parkour techniques rather than on ‘big jumps’ that may lead to body’s overuse and injuries in unconditioned practitioners.


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Meet our exeo head coach

Kuba Jursza

Our highly experienced coach with over 10 years experience in parkour & freerunning….

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