Quick Sunday session at Muscle Up Gym. This time I was working on some of the things that I’m still struggling with. I’m quite satisfied with a few elements I’ve done, however, some of them still need some practice and time. Especially those that I was doing both sides. Doing macaco on my right hand […]

A few video clips I managed to film during my quick visit to London. Didn’t really make any use of London’s spots on the video – mostly some floor movement. That day I’ve finally learned gumbi so that’s the main part of this video. Loooots of them here!!! Seems like my leg is getting finally […]

This time I’ve been refining some floor movement with small bits of mobility and strength work. I feel a little bit weaker in comparison to the first half of this year but I’m getting there slowly. Kuba

Hi there! I am going to start posting videos on a regular basis. I moved to the UK a few months ago, screwed up my ankle and haven’t trained much since then. Being injured doesn’t allow me to fully enjoy my movement. But there is only one way to recover from any injury we suffer […]