Muscle Up Gym alongside Soton Cali hosted the Southampton point for World Pull-Up Day 2015 outside the Bargate Centre in Southampton City Centre! Bare in mind the UK as a whole only managed 849 total pull-ups last year… We had over 180 people participate yesterday however, 130 of these participants were signed off as acceptable […]

We will be holding a pre-launch open day for all to come down and check out our newly built training facility before opening to the general public on 5/10/15.

The open day will commence from 2pm – 4pm.

From 2.30pm the Muscle Up Gym coaches alongside special guests will hold a Street-Workout exhibition of the extreme levels that can be achieved in bodyweight training and calisthenics! Feel free to bring your training gear to join in!

You will also be able to pre-sign up to one of our great membership packages that we offer!

Link to the Facebook event: Facebook Event